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Through digital it is possible to communicate texture, weight, and other important material properties like balance and temperature. Tactile product display is made possible with moving content, film, sound design and substitution for touch via haptic feedback (vibration). This is of great value to brands looking to make innovative interactive installations and memorable yet intuitive digital experiences. Touching virtual fabrics on a haptic product page, or conveying the thickness of denim jeans through a screen? Moving imagery is a window to translate a brands materialisation into a digital space. Tactility for retail adds value across all parts of a shopper journey, transact, engage, personalise - by design. Personalisation is all about the right interaction at the right time. For example an on the go (mobile) user needs a store locator with a 'find stores near me' function. Modular components, like a store locator or fit guide need to work on all touch points. Pysical spaces and stores can be made interactive.

How to substitiute for sensations of touch, weight & balance -

How can a consumer touch & feel a product online? While on a product on the product detail page, feel it's physical properties. Texture, weight, durability can be communicated through on model detail imagery, moving content and descriptive copy. A user interfaces with this information via their digital screen or mobile device. Substitution for the senses in a virtual product-display context is a growing digtial space. Artists, brands and consumers are exploring a diverse landscape of tangible digital interactions. Cross dicipline collaboration between marketing and design has lead to unique ways for brands to drive conversion and elevate engagement along the entire customer journey.

denimworld 3xdenimworld 3x

Interaction Experiments


Below are some examples of tactility online, wearable interfaces and smart materials research via Design for Interaction at TU Delft. 

Screenshot 2018-04-03 20.56.33Screenshot 2018-04-03 20.56.33
Folio benchmark g-star touch copyFolio benchmark g-star touch copy
Screenshot 2018-04-03 20.58.56Screenshot 2018-04-03 20.58.56
Screenshot 2018-04-03 20.59.11Screenshot 2018-04-03 20.59.11